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We get it, “accounting” can be a scary word. From taxes and audits, to bookkeeping and consulting, our small business specialists are here to help get your books in order. So you can get back to what you do best: running your business! 

Our Accounting Services


From reviews to audits (and everything in between), we provide specialized audit services depending on your organization’s needs.


We navigate complex tax matters to develop effective strategies that work for you and your business.


We help handle the day-to-day of keeping your transactions organized.


We make sure your employees get paid on time and that everything else gets filed accordingly


We partner with our clients to review their business models and help them achieve profitability and growth


We can act as a dedicated resource for your team for all things accounting related


Everything Is Easier With an Accountant


We love numbers, staying organized, and making sure no small detail goes unnoticed. But more than that, we love our clients, who might not be the same way. Accountants handle all of those fussy bits so that business owners can focus on running and growing their business. Learn more about how the MERGE CPA team can give your business more space to thrive.

WE DO GREAT WORK, but don’t take it from us…

Take It From

Our Clients

Client relationships are at the heart of our business. And we’re proud of the work we’ve done to help entrepreneurs and enterprises succeed.

“I have been working with Tina and Merge for over 5 years. They are incredible! She learns where your firm is at and moves initiatives along without the need for constant following up. Having worked with dozens of accountants around the globe, Tina has earned my trust over the years and is my first call when people ask for a referral. She’ll care about your business like it’s her own!”

Kenton Jarvie


“Tina has overseen all of the financial, accounting and tax aspects of my business since it first started. She’s my secret weapon. I sleep better at night knowing that she’s overseeing it all and understands how it all relates. When fear strikes, she strikes back. She’s helped me to see opportunities that I would have missed, and she’s solved some of my hairiest problems. She is indispensable to me and my team!”

Geoff Dittrich


Tina’s professionalism is unmatched. Her depth of knowledge and expertise in accounting has proven invaluable for our business, ensuring that our financial affairs are not just in order but optimized for success. Her meticulous attention to detail and adherence to industry best practices have provided us with a sense of security and confidence in our financial operations.”

Alex Filipuk

Ideal Siding

I appreciate very much Tina’s ability to make taxes personable. She has relieved my stress several times over by simply responding quickly and having something calm and reassuring to say to let me know she’s on it. I am grateful Tina is so great at her job, so I can focus more on being great at mine.

Julie Petrynko

Peak Experience Counselling Clinic

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